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The Healthy Living Coalition is led by WW, formerly Weight Watchers, who brings nearly six decades of experience building community and science-based nutrition and lifestyle programs that have improved health outcome for millions of people around the world. 

WW offers a scientifically proven program for weight loss and wellness, with Digital, Studio and Personal coaching solutions to help meet your goals. For more than 55 years, WW has helped millions lose weight with the latest nutritional and behavior change science

“At WW, we believe that healthy living is a human right and that everyone deserves access to basic nutrition. Our global promise is to help those in need and continue our commitment to democratize wellness but we recognize that we can’t do it alone. As a company built on the power of community, we have the responsibility to work together to break down barriers of access and become a pipeline for solutions to collectively impact the health trajectory of the world,.”

– Mindy Grossman, CEO of WW

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