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Since day 1, Pret A Manger’s mission has been simple. To serve freshly made food and good organic coffee, while also trying to do the right thing.It all began in London in 1986. Fed up with all the junk and processed food on the market, Julian Metcalfe and Sinclair Beecham started Pret A Manger (Ready to Eat) to make food they craved but couldn’t find.Since then, Pret has become well known (and loved) for its freshly made food and organic coffee. In the past 30 years, Pret has grown to almost 600 shops operating in 11 countries across 3 continents and more than 550,000 happy customers are served every day. Pret’s unsold food is donated at the end of every day to food rescue partners. What started out as handful of donated sandwiches, has now grown to millions of food items donated across cities around the world.

Pret A Manger’s mission is simple. To serve freshly prepared food and good organic coffee, while also trying to do the right thing. Ever since Pret opened the doors of its first shop in London in 1986, we have been donating our unsold food to help feed those in need at the end of each day. What started out as a handful of sandwiches has now grown to over 6 million food items in 2019, and that’s thanks to our charity and food rescue partners around the world. We’re proud to support the Healthy Living Coalition to help broaden access to sustainably sourced (and delicious) food for all communities and to continue the fight against food insecurity around the world.

– Pano Christou, Chief Executive Officer

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