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Bright Health Inc. is defining the future of health care by integrating financing, care delivery and technology to create a better performing health care experience for consumers. We offer diversified products across the ACA marketplace and Medicare Advantage and we’ll be adding small group and employer-based plans in 2021. By aligning with our Care Partners, we provide consumers access to personalized care teams tailored to their individual needs.  We give providers the tools they need to optimize their practices and deliver value-based care to the patients they serve. Driving it all is our person-centric, intelligent technology platform which connects consumers, payers and providers with the common purpose of lowering health care costs while improving outcomes, experience and access. We are making health care right. Together. Learn more at www.brighthealthinc.com. Are there specific ways that your organization would want to be included in media

At Bright Health, we serve a diverse and sometimes vulnerable population that may not always have access to good food when they need it. We know first-hand the impact that high-quality nutrition has on overall health and are proud to further our commitment to supporting healthy communities through this partnership.”

– Tom Valdivia, M.D., Chief Health Officer and Co-founder

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