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Launched in 2012, Blue Apron offers chef-designed recipes that empower home cooks to embrace their culinary curiosity and challenge their abilities to see what a difference cooking quality food can make in their lives. Through its mission to spark discovery, connection, and joy through cooking, Blue Apron focuses on bringing incredible recipes with quality, seasonable ingredients to its customers, encouraging them to learn and expand their skills in the kitchen. After all, Blue Apron was named after the blue aprons worn by Chefs around the world when they learn how to cook—a symbol of continuous learning.

“Through our company’s initiative, Aprons For All, we are actively working to advance food equity and manage the environmental and social impacts of our business to support an ethical, resilient food system. Together with the Healthy Living Coalition, our hope is to help identify and provide immediate and long-term solutions to make progress toward better living for everyone.”


– Linda Findley, President and Chief Executive Officer of Blue Apron

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