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Improving access to nutrition through surplus food donations

In 2020, over 17 million more Americans experienced food insecurity than in 2019. And in 2021, that number is estimated to rise even further—to 42 million people. Meanwhile, $408 billion is spent processing, transporting, storing, and disposing of food that’s never eaten each year. 

To help stop senseless food waste and fight food insecurity in the US, we’re calling on congress to expand and clarify The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act.

Source: ReFED

We are the Healthy Living Coalition.

The Healthy Living Coalition is bringing brands together to prioritize nutrition in the workplace and the communities we serve. Combining resources, reach, and leadership, we are working across sectors to break down the social and economic barriers that prevent equal access to nutritious food. Driven by the idea that all people have the right to safe, affordable, appropriate, and nourishing food, the HLC’s goal is to help shed light on issues within the food system while breaking down barriers that prevent equal access to nutritious foods.

There is more than enough food to feed the world’s population of 7.8 billion people. But today, nearly 690 million people are hungry, 1 in 3 people are malnourished, and our food systems are failing. The challenges we face around food and nutrition access can’t be attributed to any one person, company, industry, or government. We know that brands can be doing more, but we also know that most don’t know where to start. That’s why the Healthy Living Coalition is bringing together key players to learn, advocate, and mobilize for a future with nutrition security and Good Food for All. 

Our current population is

7.8 billion

million people are hungry

1 in 3 people

are malnourished

“We believe healthy living is a human right.” 

– Mindy Grossman, CEO, WW Intl


Take Action With Us

Are you a brand?

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Are you an advocate?

Learn about the ways to use your voice in support.

Are you a nonprofit?

Learn more about the relationship between food waste and food insecurity.

Are you a journalist?

View our conscious language guide, and find crucial areas of under-reporting.

“I’m excited to see the launch of the Healthy Living Coalition. It brings a new and diverse set of voices and actors committed to accelerating action on SDG-2. SDG-2 promises good food for all by 2030 and we have a very long way to go to get there. SDG2 advocacy, strengthened by new disruptive players and a strong evidence-base, can drive the scale of change we need to transform our food systems to deliver Good Food for All.”


What We’re Doing

  • Developing a workforce “wellbeing” wage adjustment

  • Distributing educational materials to inform and activate partners

  • Connecting audiences to advocacy resources and guidelines

  • Creating open-source toolkits, social assets, and issue awareness campaigns

  • Advocating for legislative and policy change

  • Supporting social entrepreneurs with scalable solutions to food access

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We can’t do this alone. Together, let’s work toward a more sustainable future and ensure that everyone has access to nutritious food and the tools they need to live healthy lives and thrive.

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