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Located in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Wholesome Wave is a national nonprofit that believes that solving hunger is not just about providing more food, but instead it’s about providing the right food so those in need can lead a healthy life. Our efforts are driven by the mission of democratizing nutrition by empowering underserved consumers to make healthier food choices by increasing affordable access to fruits and vegetables. Founded in 2007 by James Beard Award-winning Chef Michel Nischan and former U.S. Undersecretary of Agriculture Gus Schumacher, Wholesome Wave addresses complex problems with innovative and effective solutions, including the development of innovative payment technologies, programs such as  “Wholesome Rx” (doctors writing prescriptions for produce), and “SNAP Doubling” (2 for 1 produce at grocery stores and farmers markets). For more information, visit www.wholesomewave.org.

“Wholesome Wave Supports the Healthy Living Coalition because millions of Americans suffer everyday from nutrition insecurity as a result of hunger. Which is why Wholesome Wave believes that it is not just about providing more food, it’s about providing the right food. Food that has the power to positively impact your health. The pandemic environment, highlights a truth that’s long existing, people who are nutrition insecure and struggle with diet related disease conditions are being hospitalized and dying at much higher rates from COVID 19 and nutrition is a major factor in the co-morbidities that place them there. We now know how important nutrition is to the overall benefit of public health and how it serves as the building blocks for strong healthy immune systems to survive diseases of all kinds.” 

– Michel Nischan, Co Founder and Chairman

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